From the recording Crayons

Matt Cullen - Slide Guitar
Brian Marchese - Drums

Autobiographical account of a date that went great but she never wanted to go out with me again and made up every lame excuse. In hindsight, I think it was my height. I'm pretty sure of it because every other guy I ever saw her with was tall. Ahhhh ... I get it. How do you tell a guy,"I like you and I find you interesting and all but you're so short." ? ?

That's okay. I got a song out of it.



You could make a difference, You could put me right
If you’d call me sometime… I’m out of my mind for you
You could take my dark thoughts and shed a little light
If you’d call me sometime… I’m out of my mind for you
Why did you hang me out to dry
Without even so much as good-bye?

I wouldn’t feel so empty but you looked me in the eye
Said, “I’ll call you sometime.”… Now I’m out of my mind for you
Even just to tell me you found some other guy
You know, I see him sometimes… Drives me out of my mind for you
Grant me this humble piece of pie
God, you’ve already served me my pride
(You could turn my sevens into nines)

The wind became a tempest and screamed at all the trees
And they started to cry… they went out of their mind for you
I floated up the hillside, I tripped over the sky
And I drowned in your eyes… I went out of my mind for you
Couldn’t you spare a lousy dime?
Cuz it’s clear you won’t spare me your time

But you could take my sevens and turn them into nines
Would you give it a try?
I’ve been out of my mind for you…. For you