1. Crayons

From the recording Crayons

Sam Barnes - String Quartet

String Arrangement by Matt Cullen and Sam Barnes



Sitting on a broken promise, fall not lightly to the ground
If people can’t be honest they shouldn’t come around
Woke up from my life this morning to find out it wasn’t true
It never really happened, It must be deja vous

Walking high above the clouds, or am I running?
Careful not to kick the Sun
Counting every step we take until we’re almost home

I go to pieces when I see you, I come together when you smile
I’ve missed you with my arrow by twenty-thousand miles
I fell asleep but for a second in the hammock of your heart
Woke up to find you leaving, that happens quite a lot

Seagulls circling overhead, or are they vultures?
Capsized in the Sea of Love
Counting on a ship of angels calling from above
They’re calling from above
They’re calling from above

Waited for my perfect moment sitting cross-leg on the ground
Must I wait forever or is it here and gone?

Listen to the Lovebird sing, or is he crying?
Chasing blue across the sky
Sitting on the porch-swing as another year goes by
Another year goes by
Another year goes by