From the recording Crayons

Matt Cullen - Electric Guitar
Brian Marchese - Drums



Hey look at the world outside, such a big world outside
Let’s go out for a ride, check out the other side
Hey isn’t the world just great? One giant dinner plate
Squeeze out whoever’s late, there’s nobody left to hate

Burning Giraffes and Telephones
We like to pretend that there’s nobody home
We like to love, we love to fly
We paint a smile across the sky

Burning Giraffes and Telephones
We stand on our chairs and scream, “We’re number one!”
We drink the Sun, we shoot the Moon
We bleed the Earth and paint the town
We can’t recall what makes the world go around

Caught between the child and clown
It’s innocence lost and it’s ignorance found
It’s a paradox, it’s the ugly fox
It’s the bawling brat with his building blocks
It’s the innocence of dreams gone by…. Bye-bye

Hey isn’t the world just grand? Easy to understand
Let’s find some foreign land and give them our helping hand

Burning Giraffes and Telephones
It’s easier than caring and twice as much fun
Put up a front and turn our backs
We’re busy having heart attacks

Burning Giraffes and Telephones
We can’t understand why we feel so alone
We build a wall around our hearts
To keep us in and keep them out
We don’t know the first of what love is about

The wall is thick and all around
So long a ways up and a longer way down
It’s Paradise on thin ice
Put your helmets on and close your eyes
For it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…. Bye-bye