1. Lorelei

From the recording Stingy Alley

Brian Marchese - Drums



I don’t know what to think little Lorelei
There’s always that mysterious look in your eye
Sexy and aloof in a peculiar way
You pinch me on the bum and you send me away

Lorelei ... Lorelei

We head down to the café for a coffee or two
You always seem like you got something better to do
My hands are kind of sweaty, I get soaked on the tab
You spill espresso on me and you let out a laugh

Lorelei … Lorelei

Lorelei … I don’t want to change who you are
Lorelei … But I won’t be the pawn to your heart
Lorelei … You don’t have to play out that part
I love you as you are

You call me up to say how much you miss me so much
Well, hold on lovely Lorelei, I’m there in a hush
You tell me don’t come over but I do anyway
And later when I’m trying to leave you beg me stay

Lorelei ... Lorelei