1. Klondike

From the recording Apophenia

Drums - Tommy Diehl



Saw you at a party just the other night
Though I’m sure you don’t remember me
I’m like the candle, the curtains, the bookcase in the corner
Anonymous among the populous
I’m the nondescript, the not so hip
You won’t find the Midas touch in my fingertips
I’m the invisible ink tattoo
Mr. 555-1212

You’ll see me at the laundromat, but then again, you won’t
But I’ll be there just the same
I’m never introduced, except maybe once in a while
Still, no one remembers my name
Yeah, they call me ‘that guy’, my casual mates
But to those who know me best I’m good old Whatsisface
I won’t be starring in your déjà vous
I’m Mr. 555-1212

You probably haven’t noticed me looking real bad
When I flash my penny loafers and I rock the plaid
I got some new glasses, I think I look pretty dope
Still, I couldn’t get arrested if I pissed on the Pope
I don’t wanna brag, I don’t wanna cause no fuss
But I can draw enough inattention for the two of us
I’m the guy you know you never really knew, Mr. 555-1212
I ain’t even nerdy enough to be cool, Mr. 555-1212
I’m the rendez without the vous, Mr. 555-1212