From the recording High Crimes and Misty Mornings

Written 1995
Recorded 1995 & 2023
Tommy Diehl ~ Drums
Dan Bernini ~ Engineering Drums and Mixing
Paul Rocha ~ All other Instruments and Engineering
Pete Keppler ~ Mastering

WRITING: I wrote this very quickly dosed on April 9, 1995 or thereabouts. I wrote extra couplets and used what I thought were the best. It was a real quick write.

RECORDING: Recorded on the TASCAM 388 8-track reel-to-reel right after writing it in Hadley at the Elmwood. It came together really quickly. I was playing well and recording well at the time, and the limitations of eight tracks kept me from overdoing it. This was a great recording for me. Things were starting to come together, more consistently, recording-wise. The only thing I rerecorded on this was the original vocals, which exist on the same track, necessary at the time because of track limitation.
2 - Stereo Drums
1 - Bass
1 - Acoustic 6-string
1 - Acoustic 12-string
2 - Electric Guitars including solo
1 - Vocals and Tambourine

04/20/95 - Drum Program/Acoustic 6/12-string Guitars, Electric Guitars (2), Bass, Lead and B.G Vox

These original tracks are pretty decent tracks. I went back and redid the vocals in 2021 because of my Bristol County accent was such a distraction. This is the oldest recording in this collection. By far.



I don’t know what’s with me, I’m so dizzy
Ever since You Came Around
Tell me what is happening, I’ve been laughing
Ever since You Came Around
Seems that not so long ago
I had so much stuff I couldn’t let go
But I’ve lost it ever since You Came Around

Dancing on the ceiling, I’ve been reeling
Ever since You Came Around
Bouncing off the walls, can’t take no phone calls
Ever since You Came Around
I was always so mixed up, until you smacked me with your love
I’ve reset ever since You Came Around

I found my sense of timing, I been rhyming
Ever since You Came Around
The melodies are sweeter, I found meter
Ever since You Came Around
The cynic’s pen I used with skill is now a finely feathered quill
Of color ever since You Came Around

I used to be an island, I’ve been smiling
Ever since You Came Around
Drowning in life’s wonder, I’ve been under
Ever since You Came Around
I knew it all, or so I thought, as it turns out I missed the boat
But I’ve come around ever since You Came Around

WRITTEN: In April 1995 while dosed, and written very quickly. I wrote a few verses and culled it down to three or four. It was recorded within days after that. It wasn’t about anyone in particular. Just an up-tempo country song.

04/95 – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Program
08/04/21 – Rerecorded all Vocals
12/13/23 – Drums (Tommy Diehl)
12/17/23 - Mixing (Danny Bernini)