High Crimes and Misty Mornings, Paul Rocha's fourth and latest LP is somewhat of a departure for him. It's his country album; a slow drip of musical misfits from over the years, just waiting to gather enough friends in flannel. Well, they're here! From serial killers to dysfunctional couples. From optimistic new love to old love gone bad. Loneliness, Rejection AND Betrayal? They're all here. When I say it's country, you must remember that it's his version of country. It's foreign country. But like country, it's up and down. Dark and light. Sometimes hooky, sometimes a bit corny. And sensitive, too. Damn sensitive. 

It's 13 songs, split 7 ways, evenly. That's not easy, but he did it.  


Rocha describes his first three records as being “in color,” and this one “black and white.” With that in mind, his records have gotten progressively less ostentatious: his most recent offering, the terra-friendly Apophenia (2021), preceded by the slickity-jangle pop Stingy Alley (2018), and the quasi-neo-psychedelic Crayons (2012).

High Crimes and Misty Mornings

Paul Rocha

Five Chord Power Pop, bathed ever so briefly in a broken Americana and hung out to dry in a rainstorm of half questions and wrong answers. Not a perfect fit, but it's all we've got to wear and the store's closed. Maybe forever. It's okay. Behind the mask we're all broken anyway. Nobody's fooling anybody. (2024)

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