1. This Song

From the recording High Crimes and Misty Mornings

Written 2018
Recorded 2018

Tommy Diehl ~ Drums
Dan Bernini ~ Engineering Drums and Mixing
Paul Rocha ~ All other Instruments and Engineering
Pete Keppler ~ Mastering



This song feels so much like goodbye
This song, don’t it want to make you cry?
When this song plays tonight
There’ll be no place left for you to hide
And nothing left to say, but goodbye, bye, bye

This song is not for everyone
It’s here to mourn the newly torn so suddenly alone
And if you sing along
You’ll be helpless as the day you’re born
Cause everything you had now is gone, gone, gone

This song is best served late at night
A sea of drink, a pack of smokes, a room of tired light
And as you flog the dawn
With your tattered heart, the world will yawn
Cause everything outside carries on and on …

WRITING: I started writing This Song in 2018, I think. I wanted to describe that feeling when you’ve just been dumped and all you want to do is drink alone and feel sorry for yourself and listen to those songs that only describe the misery you’re in. It had to be vulnerable, so I sung it high to make it weak and fragile. I did a tight double track on the vocal because I was trying to capture that Elliot Smith thing to a degree, I think.

RECORDING: Started as a bare ballad but decided to build it a bit while recording it from 2018-23. Don’t remember how to play the opening picking thing. Should have put a lonely harmonica on this song somewhere, in hindsight.

~ PR – March 2024 ~