"Apophenia is the latest release by Paul Rocha, now available on Paisley Palm Records. Following his sophomore release, Stingy Alley (2018), Apophenia is, sonically, a darker collection of songs about loss, longing, and isolation; celebrating duality by shedding some dark on the light while illuminating the shadows. All filtered through a lens of harmony and humor. Tailor-made for those who love beautiful sadness."  

Jessephus Gahli - The Rosemarian Times - April 2021-

About Apophenia 

Apophenia is the predisposition (or is it a choice?) to see connections where there aren’t necessarily any. We do it all the time. Most times, it’s benign, other times it can have quite unfortunate results. There seems to be a lot of it about these days and it’s a suitable word for our time. We often do it with song lyrics, too. Even when we get the words wrong, we somehow make it make sense. We believe in balance and reason. We strive for poetry. It’s our instinct to find the connection. Even autofill is a model based on our desire to finish life's sentences for it. Sometimes we go off the rails and autofill with the absurd. Gonzo poetry.


..... speaking of poetry ......


i was Under the Influence on The Day I Fell Down

i must have been out of my brain

But Speaking of Ella, there were Echoes of Never

That fell Like Lavender Rain


Sweet Marianne, invisible Klondike

And silent Sister Silhouette

They're singing in three-part on The Other Side

Badly, of course: They're All Dead



Peace and Much Love