I rarely use a flat pick. I finger-pick. Three fingers and a thumb. For dynamic consistency, a broken nail is a game changer. Because of this, I regularly go to the nail salon to have fake fingernails attached to my picking fingers. While there the other day, a woman asked me why I was getting only one hand done so I explained this.  She asked me what kind of music I play. I told her that I’m mostly influenced by the ‘60s in general and the Beatles, in particular. She said she liked the Beatles with their early rock 'n' roll stuff, but stopped liking them around the time of Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper? I didn’t say anything, nor did anything seem out of place to any of the Southeast Asian women working there. What a precious moment. 

Ladies and Gentlemen …   

"Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Soda!"


- July 2021 -



I hate how that blouse looks on me.