From the recording Apophenia

Drums - Tommy Diehl
Clarinet - Jim Armenti



Under the Influence of alcohol
All I can say is that I love you all
Right now I feel so good
Right now I’m feeling nothing at all
Standing here with my beer, oh, cheers

I go to the tavern almost every night
I drive home sideways and I sleep real tight
I wake up feeling bad
I can’t recall those good times I had
Where’s my shoes, or did I lose them, too?

Pass me that bottle and I’ll sing you all a real song
The joint is jumpin’ and I want you all to sing along
Has anyone got an extra butt, I feel like I just can’t smoke enough
As I drown away these blues
I can pick and I can choose
Whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or beer
Bartender, get yourself back over here
Cause I’ll be ready for another in another moment or two

Under the Influence of alcohol
If ya drive a little faster we can make last call
And drink just one more round
Fill it up, sir, I’ll pour it down
And hit the hay less someone say, '.....after hours .....'